Becoming a sponsor is easy... give us your rubbish!

From clean manufacturing waste, to roll-ends and offcuts, sponsorship can mean anything from your rubbish, or usable tools and money to help us run our events. 

All sponsorship offers welcome.

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Eric Wright Charitable Trust

Eric Wright Charitable Trust Logo

Have graciously funded our first ever grant bid so we can get the Repair Cafe off the ground! Their grant allows us to pay for marketing, covers our insurance, and helps us buy some lunch to thank our Volunteers!


Mazuma mobile phone and electronic recycling morecambe, lancaster, uk

UK's biggest mobile phone recycling service has gifted us with some computers and phones. We're in planning mode to figure out a way for us to have fun tearing them apart, learning about how our electronics are made, and then making an art piece out of the parts.

Bromborough Paints

Bromborough paints logo

One of the first local businesses to jump on-board our cause. Bromborough Paints has donated a bunch of miss-tint paint that they couldn't sell in stores. Rather than ending up in the tip, we're looking to resell or use these paints for upcoming workshops and community projects - got any ideas or want to buy some? Give us a shout!

University of Cumbria

University of Cumbria Logo

We now have the (we'll call it honorary) title of "Resident skip rat" at the Lancaster campus. As they've been clearing out buildings we've been collecting materials, books, old maps, and tables to use in our space. 

Green Lancaster

Green Lancaster Universty Students' Union Logo

A student group at Lancaster University has been working on a yearly "Don't Ditch it, Donate it" campaign. They collect items that students are getting rid of and pass them/sell them along to new students or donate them to charitable organisations in the area. A great way to keep the loop closed on our waste - new ownership. 

Andy Mercer

Andy Mercer Artist work titled "Day Trip to Blackpool"

We met Andy when we saw he was winding up his carpet and flooring business for retirement, and ended up with  a bunch of odds and ends that are available for sale in our scrapshop. When we asked if we could tell people about his sponsorship, he pointed us to his Artist website... in all our interactions he'd never let on he's also a well-established artist! Maybe one day he'll come in for a special show and workshop at re:Centre